The FLASH PEMF System includes

The standard “out of the box” FLASH PEMF system includes the Power Booster and all the items you see in the first row below. They include the Control Unit, Standard 12″ 4000 Gauss Coil, a convenient pouch or bag in which you can place the Standard Coil and use it as a 12″ x 12″ pad. The butterfly coil is the standard coil looped and doubled up to form a butterfly coil.

Control Unit

The control unit includes the power booster and the standard 12″ coil.

Power Booster (Standard)

The power booster is standard in all systems. It provides for roughly 35% more intensity and is controlled by a switch on the rear of the unit. You can operate the system with the booster on or off.

Standard Coil

The 12″ Coil shown here is included with the control unit as part of your initial order.

OPTIONAL 7" x 7" High Power Pad

Up to 7000 Gauss. The optional 7″ x 7″ pad provides for intensity levels unmatched in other electronic ringer systems.

Zippered Bag

The 12″ x 12″ Zippered Bag is included with your initial order.

Optional 18"x23" Pad

The 18″ x 23″ optional pad provides intensity levels identical to the 12″ standard coil. Up to 4000 Gauss with the main control unit and 5400 Gauss when the optional booster is on.

Butterfly Coil

This is the 12″ x 12″ coil doubled/looped to form a butterfly coil.

PC/MAC Software

Optional software is available for our Windows or MAC PC or Laptop to control and run your FLASH.



The FLASH is the only system with optional software to run on your Windows or iOS PC or Laptop to control your FLASH.

Control Unit

The control unit comes complete with ten built-in programs. That’s seven more than the competition.

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