Impulse or Ringer vs REALPEMF or Hummer?

                   Ringer vs Hummer or Oscillator

Where do these terms come from and what do they mean to you?

We prefer to call Ringer Systems “IMPULSE SYSTEMS” The terms ringer vs hummer came to the fore a couple of years ago. In some ways, it’s a good thing that these two terms were created as they describe the difference between what we call REAL or TRUE PEMF and what have been called SPARK machines. SPARK machines like the TeslaFit Pro, PEMF 120, PMT 120, PEMF8000, MG-33, PAP-IMI or Magna Wave Maxx can exhibit serious reliability issues and like the spark plugs in your car, they will eventually fail. So if you are looking at purchasing a TeslaFit Pro, PEMF 120, PMT 120, PEMF8000, MG-33, PAP-IMI or Magna Wave Maxx then rest assured that you will have some downtime and if the warranty has expired then you will also have a hefty repair bill.


The term RINGER harkens back to a bell or perhaps any of many percussion instruments. When you strike a bell or perhaps a xylophone or triangle, a sound is heard that decays over time and during that decay, many harmonics and other sounds are generated. Ringer systems produce a series of high energy pulses and each of these pulses decays quite rapidly. It is the effect of each pulse to literally shock your muscles and cause twitching, sometimes quite severe if the pulse energy is too high.

Ringer systems produce a series of high energy pulses and each of these pulses decays quite rapidly. It is the effect of each pulse to literally shock your muscles and cause twitching, sometimes quite severe if the pulse energy is too high. This twitching effect has a numbing effect causing significant pain reduction. Ringer systems produce very quick and effect pain relief but they do not heal the body or have long lasting effect.


Single Tone or frequency developed in True PEMF systems.

The TRUE PEMF systems create tones more like that of a wind instrument or perhaps a whistle where a single frequency is generated and the cells in our bodies react to those tones or perhaps magnetic vibrations. The TRUE PEMF systems like the Curatron 2000 Family of “HUMMER” or “OSCILLATOR” systems do create a series of discrete frequencies between 1 and 50 Hz (Cycles per second). Most of the Curatron 2000 Family of products actually change frequency every five minutes or so to prevent our cells adapting to one frequency and becoming lazy.


As a general rule, if you are looking for long term, usually permanent pain relief then the Curatron 2000 Family is what you should purchase. If you are looking for quick pain relief then the FLASH is what you should be looking at. If someone arrives at your clinic and needs quick, perhaps temporary relief then the FLASH or the Curatron 2000 3D Ultra are your optimal choices.

How to choose the right Curatron model for your applications?

Lots of confusion exists for the correct applications of the different PEMF technologies. On this page we have tried to explain your options. Personally, if I was a chiropractor, I would own a Ringer FLASH system and a true energy medicine device like the Curatron 2000 PC or Curatron 2000 3D. Please take your time ann read on carefully.

FLASH Technology!

The very high intensity of the PEMF Flash pulses or are extremely short electromagnetic pulses and each is less than a few hundred microseconds, or less than 1/1000 of a second.

Each individual very high-intensity pulse will fully penetrate the body, but mainly inside the coil location. Because this pulse is extremely short in duration the average quantity of energy transferred into the body is close to zero.

Whole body treatment is not possible because of the inherent localized ultrashort pulse effect. The use of the term Energy Medicine for this technology is misplaced because the quantity of energy inside each pulse is very low.

As a side effect of this high-intensity pulse technology, uncontrollable muscle contractions occur. These muscle contractions happen because the high induced electrical current inside the muscles trigger the electrical contraction function of the muscles.

This form of PEMF “pulse injection” can be compared to a “numbing-up” shot at the dentist before the drilling starts and then slowly wears off after a few hours.

For what can PEMF Flash technology be used? Mainly for very fast local pain relief lasting anywhere between hours and a few days. In case this technology is used for some minor energy transfer into to body, many long hours of low-intensity pulses would need to be used compared to true PEMF energy medicine technology.


For long term pain relief, the underlying source of the pain has to be treated. For this the Curatron 2000 PEMF systems technology should be used, because this not only does treat the source of the pain but in addition transfers into the human body a substantial quantity of energy and as such does treat the actual problem, resulting in long-term pain relief.

PEMF Energy Medicine (some call them oscillating or hummer PEMF devices)

For all other applications than immediate pain relief, the classic form of PEMF technology should be used.
This also includes long lasting pain relief in addition to all other applications (also mentioned elsewhere on this website).
The increase of cellular energy, or the increase of peripheral circulation, improve the oxygen uptake, strengthening of the immune system, detoxification, wellness, long lasting pain relief, athletic performance, general health etc. etc. are all excellent applications for the high quantity of energy medicine Curatron PEMF applications.

In this picture, which is a graphical energy comparison is presented to show the differences in energy quantity (contents) between PEMF Flash and PEMF Energy Medicine.

The bar contains the energy contents of the 4000 Gauss very fast and high-intensity pulses, while the blue contains the 500 Gauss energy contents of the “regular” PEMF pulses.

One can see that Flash technology is excellent for very fast pain relief because of the “numbing-up” effect, while the regular PEMF pulse energy excels in long lasting pain relief. This is because the result of the average healing energy quantity inducted into the body, which totals to numerous times more than the very short high-intensity pulses.


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